Osprey Platform at Lake Somerset

osprey nest at Lake Somerset

Osprey Nest at Lake Somerset

A pole with an osprey platform was installed on April 14th, 2014 in Lake Somerset Park adjacent New Jersey Road. Osprey have attempted to build a nest on a nearby relay station. The platform has been installed in hopes that the osprey will select the platform as a suitable nesting site in the future.

It seems that an osprey has taken notice of the platform and maybe making Lake Somerset Park his home.

Osprey are beautiful birds with a distinctive black eyestripe. They are superb fishers and prefer nesting in high locations.

For more information on osprey and their nests, visit: Osprey page at FWC.

EZCan Swap until Jan 3rd

The City will offer residents the ability to “swap out” their current EZCan garbage or EZ Recycling container for different size containers at no cost during the first 60 days of automated recycling service. The usual swap fee will be waived for customers calling up through January 3, 2014.

See city of Lakeland’s website for details: