2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Woodlake Garden Patio Homes 2014 Annual Meeting

Place Held: 1515 Williamsburg Square

Date: March 19, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:16 p.m.

Officers present: Nancy Ross, President; Allen Wright, Secretary; Lin Williams, Treasurer; Brenda Hosegood, Director; Pat Wagner, Director. There were a total of 4 residents present, and several proxies – enough to satisfy a quorum.

The Minutes of the 2013 Annual meeting was read and moved to be accepted as read by Lin Williams, seconded by Brenda Hosegood.

Treasurer’s Report was given with a notation that all assessments were up to date as well as all recurring bills were paid to date. Report moved to be accepted by Brenda, seconded by Allen.


Old Business

The Quarterly Newsletter was discussed with favorable responses from all residents as well as a good report from neighboring subdivisions that had seen a copy. The newsletter is compiled and formatted on a volunteer basis; printing costs are $50.00 per quarter, with discounts applied when available. It was the consensus that we should continue the newsletter distribution.

Next, Krystal gave a brief demonstration of our Website with its many features and constant updating of current information. There was also a reminder that the minutes of meetings and The Deed Restrictions and By Laws are always available on the website. Krystal keeps the website updated as to events that affect our neighborhood, emergency as well informational phone numbers, that are always helpful. Again, this service is provided by Krystal free of charge and with many hours invested.


New Business

The installation of officers was next on the agenda. After some suggestions, acceptance and retractions, the Board of Directors for 2014 will be: Allen Wright, Nancy Ross, Pat Wagner, Brenda Hosegood and Lin Williams. The appointment of the offices to be held by these Directors will be determined at the next regularly held meeting.

The future installation of a Beautification Award was brought up for discussion. It was determined that an outline of such a program would be developed in an upcoming Director’s Meeting. Next, after a brief summary of the history of the annual assessment, the years of keeping it the same amount while faced with growing costs, the floor was opened as to the resident’s view of increasing the annual charge. It was generally felt that some increase would be inevitable. The final decision as to any increase would be discussed and voted upon by the 2014 directors at the next Director’s Meeting.

Next meeting would be held on March 24, 2014 at the Hosegood residence.

Annual Meeting adjourned at 7:53. Moved to accept by Allen, seconded by Brenda.


Annual Meeting 2014 with Neighborhood Meet and Greet!

The annual meeting will be March 19, 2014 7:00 PM at the Women’s Club. There will be 15 minutes at the beginning devoted to a “meet and greet” period with the meeting to be called to order about 7:15. Light refreshments will be available.

Meeting Minutes – February 2014

Woodlake Garden Patio Homes Board of Director’s Meeting.

February 17, 2014 held at the William’s home on Whitman Dr. Meeting was called to order 6:33 PM.

Directors present; Nancy Ross, Allen Wright, Lin Williams, Brenda Hosegood, Pat Wagner.

David Henry was also present as an owner.

Lin Williams read the Treasurer’s Report which included totals in both saving and checking accounts. There was a motion to accept by Allen which was seconded by Brenda and carried.

Allen read the Secretary’s Minutes and a motion was made to accept as read by Brenda and seconded to accept by Lin and carried.

Old Business:

1) The acknowledgement of the Neighborhood Newsletter having been designed, printed and delivered throughout the neighborhood was noted.

New Business:

1) It was noted that someone has dumped their tree trimmings in the center of the Circle at the end of Mariner Rd. The circles are not dumping grounds for anyone and all trimmings should be kept at the front of the owner’s yard for the city to pick up.

2) There was an open discussion regarding the circles and the observations that they are deteriorating in appearance, trees have died, ground looks unkempt and the posts around the circles are rotting and in need of replacement.

3) The upcoming budget was discussed as to any deviation from the proposed budget expenditures. It was reviewed that the sign replacements and additional meeting announcement signs were the major exceptions and were a one-time cost. Additionally –

4) Several costs have increased this year, especially the insurances. It was discussed that we are now at or beginning to exceed the income vs. the yearly expenses. It was debated as to the probable increase to the annual assessment that is emanate. The raise the current $70 charge, which has remained the same for many years, by $10 to 20.00 seemed reasonable. It was agreed that it would be a subject of discussion at the annual meeting, but in the end, the increase would no doubt be passed.

5) The annual meeting will be March 19, 2014 7:00 PM at the Women’s Club. There will be 15 minutes at the beginning devoted to a “meet and greet” period with the meeting to be called to order about 7:15. Light refreshments will be available and everyone present agreed to contribute toward that end.

6) Going around the table, those who are willing to serve another year of their 3 year term was counted. The suggestion of additional owners who may be willing to serve was offered. Several present were willing to invite such owners to volunteer to serve.

7) Pat brought up that we should sponsor a “Beautification Award” for our neighborhood. It was warmly accepted by the directors and a promise to follow up soon after the next administration takes seat.

End of New Business

The election of new officers will be held the first meeting after the Annual Meeting in March. That Board of Director meeting will be held on March 24, 2014 at Brenda Hosegood’s home.

Adjournment of the meeting was called at 7:33 after so moved by Brenda and seconded by Pat. Following the adjournment, the directors remained to stuff envelopes and prepare the mailout to all the owners regarding the upcoming Annual Meeting.

Lake Somerset Meeting Summary

Presentation by Lakes and Stormwater, C. Porterfield

Presentation by Lakes and Stormwater Department, C. Porterfield

Advisory signs have been posted at the Lake Somerset boat ramp and around the rookery. Additionally, educational signage will be installed near the parking area by the city. A safety issue was proposed that the lake has several blind corners on the water around the small islands.
Lake Somerset is an urban public access lake, managed by the city. Currently, there is not currently a supporting ordinance to regulate speed alone. The rookery has not been designated as a specially protected zone, but has many wild birds that nest there.
The city will follow up with the FWC to investigate the safety issue.
*Meeting notes were submitted by a Woodlake Garden Patio Homes Attendee.

Woodlake Trash and Recycle FAQ

recycle and trash bins lakeland fl

Recycle and trash collection for Woodlake is on Friday

What day is Trash pick-up?

The city of Lakeland asks that residents in our area put out our trash and recycle bins before 6 AM Friday morning.

When should I start using my new Recycle EZ Container?

Begin using new recycle containers on October 25, 2013.

What do I do with my old blue bin (box style)?

Residents are permitted to retain their blue recycling bins for personal usage. The blue recycling bins are also a recyclable item and may be placed empty next to your automated recycling container on your collection day for proper recycling. Residents may also check with their local public and private schools to inquire about their potential reuse in a school recycling program.

What can I recycle?


What about collection around holidays?

Holidays may delay collection. See Holiday Schedule for details.

What about Yard Trash?

Yard trash collection is on Friday. Please see website for specific instructions and requirements: http://www.lakelandgov.net/publicworks/SolidWaste/Residential/YardTrash.aspx

What about Special Pick Ups?

Special pick-up such as used furniture, used appliances, pressurized tanks (propane tanks, air tanks), construction debris, tires require a call to Solid Waste Customer Service at (863) 834-8773. Please see website for procedure and safety instructions regarding each item type’s pick up: http://www.lakelandgov.net/publicworks/SolidWaste/Residential/SpecialPickups.aspx

What about Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste should not be put out for collection. See website for instructions for safe disposal:


EZ Can Instructions:


Please see the City of Lakeland website at lakelandgov.net for more information or call Solid Waste Customer Service at (863) 834-8773.