Osprey Platform at Lake Somerset

osprey nest at Lake Somerset

Osprey Nest at Lake Somerset

A pole with an osprey platform was installed on April 14th, 2014 in Lake Somerset Park adjacent New Jersey Road. Osprey have attempted to build a nest on a nearby relay station. The platform has been installed in hopes that the osprey will select the platform as a suitable nesting site in the future.

It seems that an osprey has taken notice of the platform and maybe making Lake Somerset Park his home.

Osprey are beautiful birds with a distinctive black eyestripe. They are superb fishers and prefer nesting in high locations.

For more information on osprey and their nests, visit: Osprey page at FWC.

12/19/13 Power Outage Info (updated)

Updated: power has been restored to area at 4:17pm. If you are still having problems, please contact your utility provider.

Original article: Power outages have been reported in our area at approximately 3:20pm on 12/19/13. For more information, please see Lakeland Electric’s Outage Information page.