HOA Contact Number:  863.538.3177


Airport 834-3298  
Beerman Family Tennis Complex 834-2374
Box Office (The Lakeland Center) 834-8111
Building Inspections 834-6012
Business Tax Receipts 834-6025
Cemeteries 834-3287
City Attorney 834-6010
City Clerk 834-6210
City Commission 834-6005
City Manager 834-6006
Civil Service  –  Human Resources 834-8790
Cleveland Heights Golf Course 834-4653
Code Enforcement   834-6251
Coleman-Bush Building 834-3350
Communications 834-6264
Community Development 834-6011
Customer Billing/Finance 834-8276
Customer Service / Lakeland Electric 834-9535
Downtown Development Authority 687- 8910
Finance 834-6200
Fire Department 834-8200
Fire Inspector/Fire Marshall 834-8201
Gandy Pool 834-3157
Kelly Recreation         834-3284
Lake Mirror Complex 834-2280
Lakeland Center Box Office 834-8111
Lakeland Vision 682-9660
Lakes & Stormwater 834-6276
Library – Main 834-4280
MPP – McIntosh Power Plant 834-6559
Neighborhood Services     834-6251
Parking System’s   (Main Office) 834-6303
Parks & Recreation 834-6035
Police Department   834-6900
Public Works 834-6040
Purchasing 834-6780
Risk Management 834-6799
Simpson Park 834-2577
Simpson Pool 834-2286
Solid Waste 834-8773
The Lakeland Center 834-8100
TigerTown 834-2233
Water Utilities 834-8316

Report an Issue to the City:

Report a Dead Animal on Road

(863) 834-8773 – The Solid Waste Management Division is on call daily to remove dead animals from city streets and roadways during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Weekends, holidays and after normal business hours (4:00 p.m. weekdays) call the Lakeland Police Department at 834-6900.

Report a Pothole

(863) 834-3000 – City of Lakeland Construction and Maintenance Department

Report a Clogged Storm Drain

The Construction & Maintenance Division will clean and clear clogged inlets and storm drains. Our group also regularly maintains retention ditches inside the City limits to keep them free of trash and debris. Call (863) 834-3300 to report a problem.

Request Mosquito Control (Polk County)

Report a Street Light Out (Lakeland Electric)

Report a Power Outage (Lakeland Electric)

Call Before You Dig – Sunshine811

  • call: 811

Quick Links

Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness Info

Please see our disaster info page for helpful links to agencies that distribute preparedness and disaster information.

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