Meeting Minutes March/April 2014

Woodlake Garden Patio Homes Board of Directors Meeting

Held at Director Brenda Hosegood’s residence, March 24, 2014

Directors present: Pat Wagner, Nancy Ross, Lin Williams, Brenda Hosegood, Allen Wright

Meeting called to order at 6:37 pm.

Treasurer’s Report was given and accepted by Pat, seconded by Allen. Secretary’s Minutes of last Directors Meeting was read and moved to accept by Brenda, seconded by Lin.

Old Business:

The revamping of the four circles was targeted as progressive projects to be accomplished over the next two years. Each circle has been somewhat neglected and trees, plants, posts, etc. have rotted, died or become diseased. It was discussed that a committee could be formed to make recommendations as to design and proposed costs, taking one circle at a time. Brenda moved that the architectural committee could head this project up.

The Architectural Committee is always headed up by the vice president, one additional Director and one to two non-director resident/owners.

The Beautification Award was discussed next. It was determined that the award would be bestowed quarterly with the presentation of some notice to be posted in the recipient’s yard for all to see. Nancy nominated Pat Wagner to head this up. That committee will determine the details and report back.

New Business:

Election of officers: After much discussion, suggesting, volunteering and retracting, the following  positions will be held for the 2014 Woodlake Garden Patio Homes Board of Directors: Allen Wright, President; Pat Wagner, Vice President; Brenda Hosegood, Secretary; Nancy Ross,

Treasurer. With this order established, Nancy moved to accept as slated, Brenda seconded.

New President, Allen Wright now opened the floor to discuss the annual fee and what amount the assessment should be increased. After a brief discussion, it was established that a $10 increase would be both fair (approx. 83 cents a month) and needed to cover increasing recurring expenses as well as to provide at least a modest budget for neighborhood upkeep. Brenda moved to increase the annual fee by $10.00 and Lin seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously by the Directors.

With no further business, meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. Move to adjourn, Lin; Nancy seconded.

Next meeting: April 21, 2014 at the Ross residence.

Additional Note:

Meeting held on April 21, 2014 was held. After a brief business meeting, the Directors adjourned and commenced with folding, stuffing, sealing, addressing and stamping the annual assessment notices to go out to all the owners. The next Directors meeting date to be announced.