Meeting Minutes – 12/2/13

Woodlake Garden Patio Homes Board of Director’s Meeting.
December 2, 2013 6:30 PM – held at the William’s home on Whitman Dr. Meeting was called to order.
Present: Directors; Nancy Ross, Allen Wright, Sandi Stone, Lin Williams, Brenda Hosegood, Pat Wagner.
There were several additional owners present as observers.
Allen read the Secretary’s Minutes and a motion was made and seconded to accept as read.
Lin Williams read the Treasurer’s Report which included totals in both accounts: Checking: $2390.67
and Savings: $4381.35. There was a motion to accept, which was seconded and carried.
Old Business: 1) The trees in the four circles had been trimmed by Richie’s Lawn Care. The City will not pick up the trimmings because the HOA does not have an account with the City of Lakeland. Therefore they recommended that individual owners have the branches picked up under their name. The security street lighting seems to have improved with the trees trimmed back. 2) The temporary structure that a homeowner had built over a boat dock without permits has been removed due to notice from the City inspector. 3) The concern with speeding on the streets, especially on Mariner Road, has been addressed by the installation of 25 mile per hour speed signs. Although it is agreed that 25 mph is still faster than is safe. The subject of sidewalks was brought up but The City would require a 6’ setback from the curb which would cut substantially into owner’s yards. The addition of speed bumps had been discussed but was not considered by The City at this time.
New Business: 1) Encouragement for universal neighborhood holiday lighting was mentioned. Another suggestion was offered that there should be an encouragement for everyone to set their yard post lights to automatically come on at dusk each evening for both security and neighborhood charm. 2) One owner had a misfortunate accident with their mailbox which had been noticed as laying on its side for quite some time. It is now back up, but the door needs to be fixed. A letter suggesting repair will be sent to the owner. 3) Palm stumps at another owner’s yard were addressed and suggestions were given to remedy.
Crystal demonstrated the updates of the Website which highlighted the Food Truck Rally, running marathons and updates on the restoration of the retention pond across the street. Links were also shown as to area lake resources as well as how to use the handy calendar posted on our website, especially under “What’s New?”
The next meeting is earmarked for the 4th Monday in January. The Director’s attention will soon be concentrating on the upcoming annual meeting and the preparation for that event.
There being no further business, meeting was called to adjourn at 7:30.