Mobile Site and Bookmarks

Woodlake Mobile Site Button iOS7 Did you know you can bookmark us for later on any device?

You can add your own bookmark (iOS/iPhone: “add to Home Screen”) for quick access later. Use the link and you will get the website’s icon when you bookmark it. See picture for icon.

  Did you know our website is mobile-friendly?
The mobile site gives easier access to menus and better sizing for smart phone users. The site is sized for you automatically.

iPhone iOS7 Bookmark Instructions:

Step 1
1) Go to on your iPhone and tap the Share icon on your bottom tool bar menu (shown as third from the left in picture)


2) Tap “Add to Home Screen” icon (shown here as third from the left)

Step 3

3) Update top field to say only “WoodLake” so it fits nicely on your home screen. Tap Add and that’s it!

Optional: On the Home Screen, hold and then drag your new icon where ever you like it.